Marketing the rainbow

This month I had the opportunity to give a lecture to Marketing Postgrad students and my lecture was on marketing to the LGBTIQA+ community which I titled, “Marketing the Rainbow.”

I felt honoured to have been hand-picked by a friend and colleague who has seen my work and thought my experience was important for this position. It felt wonderful to have that affirmation and acknowledgement from my peers and it got me thinking…

As we head for Pride Month, a lot of companies and organisations will update their logos and give us the annual rainbow logo.

Unfortunately, the one-month performative show of solidarity causes more harm than good because when it comes to marginalised communities, it’s the lives and not profits that are always on the line.

Capitalism is an inherently oppressive and exploitative system, and pink/rainbow capitalism is no different.

Rainbow capitalism exploits the queer community by turning them into markets and commodifying pretty much everything about every part of their existence

Until company policies are changed and equitable employment is done with the inclusion of all minorities this will be another month of capitalism causing more harm to the community because activism will never be a marketing opportunity.



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Sithabiso Ndhlovu

Queer 🏳️‍🌈 | Feminist | Human Rights Activist | Communications Specialist | Public Relations Strategist | Former Journalist | Part-time Researcher